Bitcoin Store: Crypto to FIAT exchange

headerImageSource is the first Croatian cryptocurrency exchange with both physical stores and an online exchange service.

Scope of work

  • Research
  • Application concept
  • Creative solution
  • Hybrid mobile app development
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development
Quality Assurance
  • Functional testing
  • Monitoring is the first Croatian cryptocurrency exchange with both physical stores and an online exchange service. You can buy, sell and store more than 80 different cryptocurrencies and even exchange them for cash at their physical stores in Split and Zagreb.

Making it easy to trade crypto

The idea of Bitcoin Store was to make crypto accessible to everyone. It is a perfect starting point for anyone willing to step into the amazing world of cryptocurrencies. Users can buy cryptocurrency without needing to know anything about private keys or how cryptocurrency works in the background, however, more advanced users can still withdraw their crypto to their private wallets.

Easy and safe way to store crypto

Users can safely store their crypto assets using the Bitcoin Store custodial wallet, without a need to know their private keys and trusting Bitcoin Store to keep their funds safe. Funds are stored securely in an offline storage.

Point of sales

Apart from the main platform, we worked on a point of sales system - a service for merchants and service providers, enabling payments in cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin Store without exposure to exchange differences and market instability of cryptocurrencies.

The payment process is simple and doesn't require special wallet adjustments or a wider understanding of cryptocurrencies, so everyone can signup and start accepting cryptocurrency payments for their goods.

Working with Bitcoin Store team

We worked closely with the Bitcoin Store team to build their idea and deliver the best possible experience for users that are not very familiar with the cryptocurrency space. Our work included steps from product design, UX design, software development and quality assurance.

Communication was easy. They have a lot of knowledge about cryptocurrency.
Tomislav, CEO @ Digital Assets

Bitcoin Store is delicate due to its integrations with other crypto exchanges such as Bitstamp, Binance and Bitfinex, performing trades in real time. The main goal was to make the system robust and stable in order to provide users a secure way to trade and store their assets. Project required a lot of work from both sides.

It's amazing to see how much has Bitcoin Store grown in the last few years. I'm extremly proud of our team and collaboration with Digital Assets.
Marko, CEO @ Blank

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