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Product designMobile development

All of Norway's smart guide

Voice Of Norway uses GPS to give you a seamless travel experience, with location-based information, interesting routes, and more.

Web designFrontend developmentSmart contracts development

Social NFT marketplace

Our team has built one of the first social NFT marketplaces that connects artists, buyers, and collectors through art.

Web designFrontend development

Your digital thumbprint

EverySign is a digital consent platform that changes rules of e-singing. How is that possible? Read blog and get all answers!

Frontend developmentBackend development

Online food delivery platform is the only Croatian online food delivery platform that we designed, developed, scaled, and maintained since 2013.

Frontend developmentBackend developmentMobile development

Buy, sell & securely store cryptocurrcies is the first Croatian cryptocurrency exchange with both physical stores and an online exchange service.


    Software development

    With our extensive experience in building complex applications, we can turn your ideas into reality. We have worked on software solutions for cryptocurrency exchange and e-commerce platforms.


    We design digital products tailored to users’ needs. Our UI/UX team always figures out how to create a meaningful and intuitive experience that fulfills all client and market requirements.


    Our team can help you expand your business by entering the Web3 space. We are experts at designing and developing web applications and smart contracts for NFT collections.

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