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Blank Web3 Development Fund is offering up to €50,000 in credits per project.

Our Mission

In support of our mission of building a better, decentralised tomorrow, the Blank Web3 Development Fund supports projects in the form of software development services provided by our Web3 department. Each project may be eligible to receive up to 50,000 EUR in development credits.

About the program

Blank Web3 Development Fund is a special aid program focused on early-stage / idea-stage companies whose founders need a reliable and experienced development partner. The program is an initiative of Blank - a development agency with a rich portfolio of projects in both the Web2 and Web3 industries. Blank Web3 Development Fund was created after the company founders noticed the need for timely and adequate support for founders who struggled to find a development partner who could help them execute their ideas. The program provides support in the form of development credits to startups who either have their initial MVPs or need to build one.


  • Program launched

    25th May 2023

  • Blank presents the Web3 Development Fund

    25th May 2023 - 9th July 2023

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  • Interviews with the shortlisted teams

    10th July 2023 - 21st July 2023

  • Announcing the selected teams

    30th July 2023

  • Project development starts

    1st September 2023

Our Team

Luka Sučić

Partner @ Meta Change Capital

Luka is an entrepreneur with an extensive track record of successful projects across different industries. Before diving into the Web3 space, Luka managed the entire innovation department of a leading European telecommunication company. As director of investments at AE Ventures (blockchain focused VC), Luka invested and scaled more than 20 blockchain startups.

Benja Begovic

CEO @ Digital Minds

As a Bitcoin enthusiast, I bring over a decade of comprehensive experience in the IT landscape. My professional journey spans various sectors, including government services, medical technology, fintech, and banking. I am passionately committed to seeking the most optimal end-user solutions. I hold a strong conviction that through collaboration and ecosystem development, we can revolutionize our future. My ultimate goal is to empower individuals to bring their innovative ideas to life, assisting them in finding suitable methods, the right partners, and ensuring scalability.

Marko Marinovic

CTO @ Blank

Marko is an accomplished professional with a strong engineering background, specializing in software development and assisting creators in navigating the world of Web3. With a passion for crypto, NFTs, and software engineering, Marko brings extensive experience in building complex software systems and a deep understanding of the Web3 ecosystem.

Nebojsa Veron

CEO @ Blank

Nebojša is an entrepreneur and founder of several successful software companies. With an engineering background, he initially launched his career as a software engineer before transitioning fully into management. Being very passionate about cryptocurrencies and Web3 from its early days, he is committed to building exceptional products and companies in the space.


What is Blank Web3 Development Fund?

Blank Web3 Development Fund is a start-up aid scheme focused on early-stage companies whose founders need a reliable and experienced development partner. The Program is offering support in the form of development credits. We offer a partnership in which we will put a number of our developers to work on your project full-time until the value of their work reaches the grant amount.

Who can apply?

Teams with an incorporated company or teams that, by the time of signing the agreement, will have a registered company. Individual applications or non-formal groups of individuals won't be considered.

What is the maximum funding amount per project?

Each project may be eligible to receive up to 50,000 EUR in development credits.

Is it necessary to have a CTO in my team?

No, if your project is among the selected ones, Blank team will provide you with the needed technical expertise and the initial development of your product.

What type of projects are supported?

There is no limitation on the topic, area, or type of project as long as it utilizes blockchain technology.

What is the duration of the Program?

The actual development of the projects will start in September. Depending on the complexity of the product, it may take up to four months.

What do we expect from you?

The goal of the partnership is that we help you start your project. You will be required to keep developing your project and achieve its potential, and we will continue to provide you with technical support.

What happens after you have applied?

We will revise your application and contact you to schedule an online meeting. This informal interview allows both sides to ask questions, receive answers, and get clarification. If your project is selected, you will receive a formal agreement containing all the terms and conditions of the Program.

Is there any additional support that I can get?

Your project will be evaluated by a Jury composed of investors, marketers, and engineers actively involved in the Web3 space. In addition to the feedback you will receive during your calls with the Jury, you may get a referral or an invitation for an investment if you impress them with your project.

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