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Innovative platform for successful crypto investing: BlackDragon

BlackDragon is a decentralized fundraising platform dedicated to transforming early stage crypto-investing, making it intuitive and easy for everyone.

Roll the cameras: Step into the world of electric.film - where cinema meets the blockchain

Experience the future of entertainment with electric.film, a film-inspired NFT collection that connects the immense potential of the Web3 and Film3 world.

Social NFT marketplace: Take a tour through the house of curated digital art

Explore the seamless fusion of blockchain technology and art on Endemic, a social NFT marketplace for buyers, collectors, and hand-picked artists.

From web to mobile: Croatia’s only food delivery platform

Serving 11 cities across Croatia, dobartek.hr stands out as a reliable platform that delivers delicious experiences for both personal and business users.

Wearable NFTs: Limited fashion line connecting the physical and digital world

We collaborated with Infobip on their venture into street fashion and Web3 with a bold statement - a limited edition of 300 NFT hoodies and other tech merch.

Web3 wine brand: Own NFTs from the highest vineyards in Europe

#NFGrapevine puts a twist on the art of winemaking by introducing a groundbreaking blend of Swiss tradition and Web3 innovation.

First Croatian crypto exchange: Redefining the exchange experience

In the dynamic crypto world, BitKonan stands as Croatia's first crypto exchange serving over 100,000 registered users. It underwent a big redesign and upgrade in 2017.

Browser-based NFT game: Enter the underground realm of goblins on Polygon

Explore the underground world of the House of Goblins NFT game on the blockchain with real stakes and rewards, where 12,000 unique goblins await.

One-stop shop for NFT Project Management: Mintdash, your guide to Web3 space

Enter the Web3 space with Mintadash, a user-friendly platform for launching and managing NFT projects, no code or wallet required.

Hear the stories, follow the routes: All of Norway’s smart guide app

This travel app is your guide to the heart of Norway. With location-based routes and narrated trips, let Voice of Norway be your companion on every journey.

Digital consent app: Your digital thumbprint for effortless signing

Experience the future of signatures with EverySign, a hybrid mobile app that ensures a smooth and secure signing experience for all your digital paperwork.

Unlock the world of crypto: One-stop shop for cryptocurrency trading and storage

Bitcoin Store is the largest licensed and regulated crypto trading platform in Croatia, that provides effortless buying, selling, and storing over 80 cryptocurrencies.

Enter the virtual world of Kitsumon: Online NFT game with a marketplace

Embark on an epic journey with Kitsumon, an online multiplayer battle arena game that introduces a standalone marketplace for players and traders.

Behind the screen: Meet The Lokals - NFT collection living inside a film

Dive into the nostalgia of Split's 80s with The Lokals NFT Collection, where each of 5,000 NFTs unveils a unique character and earns an on-screen credit.

Car community brand with a Web3 twist: A 3-part journey from blockchain to planet Earth

Step into the fast lane of Web3 with DONUT3logy, where car lovers become NFT owners and unlock exclusive merch, events, and the thrills of blockchain technology.

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