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DONUT3logy: Connecting cars and Web3


DONUT3logy is a car community brand that introduces car enthusiasts to Web3. Blank was in charge of the design and building website & developing smart contracts for the NFT collection.


  • Research
  • UI Design
  • Creative solution
  • Low-fidelity prototype and testing


  • Smart contract development
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Quality Asurance

  • Functional testing
  • Monitoring

What is DONUT3logy?

DONUT3logy is a Web3 car community brand with a mission to connect car enthusiasts with the first and most engaging Web3 car community in the world. NFT holders are granted access to a closed community, merch drops, future NFT drops, and opportunities to attend online and IRL events, and flyouts to the world’s best car events. Anyone familiar with car culture knows about Formula 1, Formula D, or WRC. Well, as an NFT holder, you can attend these and similar events! All members of the community can return their investment in many ways. For example, you can take on the ranked challenges to upgrade DONUT Drivers and obtain add-ons which increases the value and rarity of your NFT. DONUT Driver is the first in the trilogy and it represents a collection of 5024 utility, enabled, and upgradable NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. Holders of DONUT Driver will have access to the future phases of DONUT3logy.


How did it all begin?

Recently, web3 has been finding its way into most sectors and the car industry is no exception! For some, cars are just a means of transportation. However, for a lot of people cars represent a passion and the art of creation. Car enthusiasts from all over the world love to gather and share their builds, knowledge, and passion. To celebrate these engineering marvels, they keep up with racing events such as F1, WRC, or LeMans. Now, it’s time for the Web3 community to take their passion for cars to a whole new level.

Hand-drawn NFT collection

The mastermind behind the DONUT3logy collection design is Vedran Klemens, an award-winning artist with great attention to detail. All NFTs are hand-drawn and have car-related Easter eggs hidden in plain sight. This collection is a tribute to car culture traditions and street culture with many references to pop culture and memes. Needless to say, this collection reflects the core values of the car community.


Whitelist - what is it and why does it matter?

Before you can start minting, your crypto wallet address has to be pre-approved. This process is called whitelisting. Of course, it comes with a few benefits. For example, minting priority, reduced transaction fees, rewards for early supporters with a discounted price and you can secure your DONUT Driver before the public safe. Although the whitelist challenge is held online on the website, you have to apply through Discord. There’s a dedicated channel where potential holders can submit a whitelist ticket to receive an access code for the whitelist challenge on the website. After completing the challenge, all that’s left to do is to enter your wallet address and you’re all set to start minting. If your wallet address is whitelisted, there’s no mint limit. However, during the public mint, you can mint up to 3 DONUT Drivers per wallet.

DONUT3logy Roadmap: DONUT Driver

We have already introduced you to the first part of the trilogy, DONUT Driver. Holders of the first NFT collection are granted access to all future phases of the development. We will explain more in the following sections. If you want to upgrade your NFT and receive unique awards, just follow the engagement activities and tournaments. Additionally, tournaments are an excellent way to connect with the community. After tournaments, the community will be able to vote and pick a car that one lucky DONUT Driver will win. The car will later be upgraded and modified. Of course, community and project partners will be able to give their input and suggest modifications.

DONUT Driver rarity

When buying an NFT, one of the main concerns is how rare is it. The rarity of each DONUT Driver depends on the combination of the 8 traits, each having 7 different rules. Here’s a trait chart:


Moreover, our developers built a generator that creates NFTs according to the percentages shown below. You can see the probability and how 5024 DONUT Drivers will be minted and graded in this table:


DONUT3logy Roadmap: DONUT events

Now, let’s move on to the second part of DONUT3logy, DONUT events. It’s a great way to promote car culture and Web3 while giving online and IRL values to NFT holders. There are two types of events, DONUT Car Meets and DONUT Experience Events.


DONUT Car Meets

Needless to say, car meets are a huge part of car culture that gather car enthusiasts, photographers, and the broad public. All DONUT Drivers are provided with limited reserved exhibition space where they can showcase their builds and cars.

DONUT Event Pass NFT

The second NFT collection in DONUT3logy, DONUT Event Pass, doubles as an exclusive ticket for DONUT Experience Events. It is fully whitelisted by DONUT Drivers with the best results in tournaments.

DONUT Experience Events

DONUT Experience Events are memorable and engaging journeys that encourage groups to connect while dining, attending parties, and relaxing in the most beautiful places. If the holder can’t attend any event, they can rent their Event Pass NFT. And there’s no space for worries, it will be back in the owner’s wallet when the event ends. As if that doesn’t sound good enough, there’s more. Two random DONU Drivers will get an all-inclusive trip with a supercar waiting for them to use the entire trip. And finally, there will be a supercar giveaway. The chances of winning any of the prizes depend on the rarity of the DONUT Driver. So, kill the tournaments and enjoy your rewards!

Attend the first IRL event

The first DONUT Event is scheduled for April 16, 2023, at Rimac Test Track in Mičevac, Croatia. It’s an excellent opportunity to see some amazing car builds IRL and attend the Croatian Drift Challenge warm-up. You can enjoy the world-class drift show or jump in for a ride with the best drivers in the drift taxi. Visit the website to learn more about the event, how to send in applications, and where to buy tickets.


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