Project Spotlight

Endemic: Social NFT marketplace


Our team has built one of the first social NFT marketplaces that connects artists, buyers, and collectors through art.


  • Research
  • UI Design
  • UX Design
  • Application concept
  • Creative solution
  • Low-fidelity prototype and testing
  • Design system


  • Smart contract development
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Quality Asurance

  • Performance testing
  • Functional testing
  • Monitoring

What is Endemic?

So, what exactly is Endemic? To keep it simple, it’s a decentralised marketplace for digital assets that runs on blockchain technology.

Your main question may be, how can you use it?If you’re an artist, Endemic will help you showcase your work online and build personal portfolios. You can sell your art while interacting with the buyers and other artists. Later in the text, we will explain who can become a verified artist on Endemic.

On the other hand, as a collector, Endemic offers you a hand-picked number of talented artists with premium quality art pieces. Moreover, buyers are able to invest in high-quality, original artwork.


Connecting through art and blockchain

But, what’s so special about Endemic? The answer is pretty simple - users can all connect.

You can like, comment, blog, and chat. Needless to say, these integrations let artists get feedback and form deeper connections with their supporters. Before deciding to purchase, buyers and collectors can get the story behind the art piece and fully experience the art.

To learn how to make your profile and mint, sell, and gift NFTs, you can read a step by step guide published on Medium. Remember, Endemic isn’t only a marketplace. It’s a social network, too!

Endemic is an invite-only NFT marketplace

Now here’s a feature collectors will enjoy the most! Endemic operates in a decentralised, invite-only marketplace on Aurora.

This means that Endemic features only the selected elite artists. Our main goal is to give spotlight to the local artists. To become verified, either our art team hand-picks and invites them or they have to go through a verification process from our curatorial team. If you’re interested, here’s the application form.

Each of the pieces is authentic and tokenized by a crypto-collectable digital item so you can own it and trade it.


With all this in mind, we can proudly say that Endemic is a premium NFT station.

Technical side of Endemic

Now, let's dive in deeper into the technical side of the Endemic. The app is separated into five main parts:

  • Smart Contracts
  • Indexer
  • Application Backend
  • Client Application Frontend
  • Admin Application Frontend

Smart Contracts

As we have already mentioned, Endemic is the first NFT marketplace on Aurora. Aurora is an EVM written on the top of the NEAR blockchain. That means that you can take your Ethereum Smart Contracts and deploy them on Aurora and use all the benefits that NEAR gives you, such as speed, scalability, and low gas price. All our Smart Contracts are written in Solidity and deployed on Aurora. For testing purposes, we are using Ethereum Goerli Testnet.



With all the complicated logic that comes with the NFT marketplace, it would be pretty hard to read blockchain directly all the time. For that reason, we use The Graph Indexer. The Graph listens for changes in the blockchain state and maps and writes the changes to the Postgres database that we have modelled according to our needs. That way we can easily read the latest blockchain state using query languages such as GraphQL.

Application Backend

It would be expensive and slow to write all the data on the blockchain. For that reason, we have our own Postgres database and API server for handling data that is not part of a blockchain state, such as our social elements, statistics calculations etc. The server is written in Javascript using the Nest.js framework.

Application Frontend

The frontend is divided into two main parts. Essentially, the client frontend is the first part of our frontend and it is an application that our clients use to trade, like, comment and write. Furthermore, the second part of the frontend is the admin frontend. It is used by application admins to manage featured data, add external collections etc. However, both applications are written using React and Next.js.


Endemic goes beyond digital

It goes without saying, every artist hopes they get recognized by their local community. Endemic is their chance to get out there and raise awareness while interacting with their supporters. But that’s not all they get!

Endemic provides virtual space where users can bid and purchase at art exhibitions. These exhibitions will primarily focus on major global events with a socially aware and engaged approach. We aim to educate people and encourage networking and live events.

You can join the Endemic community on Discord, Twitter, Instagram, or Telegram.

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