Project Spotlight

House of Goblins: NFT blockchain game on Polygon network


We designed and implemented the website and developed smart contracts for House of Goblins, an NFT game on the Polygon network.


  • Information Architecture
  • Visual Identity
  • UI Design


  • Smart Contract Development
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development

About the game

House of Goblins is a multi-dimensional blockchain game and an eerie staking-based Polygon NFT ecosystem where Goblins rule. The game starts with owning a Goblin who mines their precious Goblin Ore ($GORE) and uses it to conjure wicked things. Goblins can do battles, go on adventures, rescue missions, and engage in an all-out war.

Players can earn real-life rewards such as tokens and NFTs directly into their digital wallets through integrated blockchain DeFi mechanisms. Goblins, creatures, tools, weapons, skills, and even special emotes will be NFTs that players can use in-game, trade among other players, or sell on the marketplace. Since the game is built on the Polygon network, players gain access to near-zero gas fees when conjuring or exchanging their assets and sub-second transaction times.


House of Goblins evolution

So, how did it all start?

Goblins don’t like to share and that includes their home, the mountains. However, the mountains were coveted by rival species like Dwarves and Vermin. After Shortstack War, the bloodiest conflict in history for any race under four feet tall, Goblins receded to the underground.

Goblins grew and evolved, gaining traits and strengths tied to their environments. By adding creatures and items that leverage the strengths of the team, players gain rewards.

Rarity varies among Goblins, the rarest almost unseen and never conjured. Their power is linked to rarity and various traits. Players collect goblins and their treasures by defeating them in battles. You can also buy Goblins and associated NFTs from other players in the Exchange. It is important to keep an eye out for valuable 1 of 1s, which are less common and hold more value.

So far, over 12,000 Goblins were conjured with approximately 300,000 $GORE mined, which is held by ~1300 players.


Our involvement

We designed and implemented the website and developed smart contracts for the collection. Keep reading to learn more about our involvment on this project.


We designed a House of Goblins website, which was heavily inspired by the hand-drawn illustration style of the NFT collection artwork. We crafted the typography to convey the collection’s underground, gritty style and applied bright, attention-grabbing colors to the actionable elements.

Scrolling through the website should make you feel as if you’ve entered the eerie, underground world of Goblins and alike-creatures, waiting to be conjured.


We took charge of a few crucial aspects of the development process, shaping the game and creating an engaging playing experience.

The first step was the development of NFT smart contracts. The NFTs represent goblins with distinctive traits and we were thrilled to bring them to blockchain, making it possible for players to own and trade them securely. We also developed the staking smart contract, a crucial part of the game’s economy, that allows players to lock their valuable goblins within the contract. This enables them to receive participation rewards, $GORE tokens.

On the frontend, we implemented the House of Goblins website, from the minting process of new goblins to displaying NFT collections and managing staking activities.

During the development process, we made sure that the game engine’s smart contract login seamlessly operates with our NFT and staking contracts, which created an immersive gaming environment. Last but not least, we deployed our work to the Polygon network, which improved the game’s scalability and reduced the transaction fees.


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