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Launch of the NFT merch: Infobip & IUTD Studio & Blank


What do tech giant, fashion label, and NFTs have in common? Find out more about Blank’s new project and unique NFT tech merch in Croatia.


  • Research
  • UI Design
  • Creative Solution


  • Smart contract development
  • Front-end development
  • Back-end development

Quality Asurance

  • Functional testing
  • Monitoring

How it all started

Hoodies are one of the most common associations with developers who like to wear them in everyday life, especially if they stand out with their design and comfort. But unfortunately, most of them end up as gym clothes or home uniforms because of their pure quality and non-innovative design. That's why Ivan Burazin from Infobip came up with the idea to create the first fashion line for the IT company with unique pieces of clothing that people will wear with pride.

With the help of Joshua Čirjak from IUTD Studios, they combined fashion and technology and created a limited edition of Infobip blue hoodies. But it was a long process of creative talks and experimentation! The final hoodie was inspired by band tour t-shirts, Disneyland, and Infobip’s tagline: Worlds Connected.

The font on the front of the hoodie was created after Joshua printed the word Infobip several times, placed the paper in the scanner, and shook it a few times, causing the paper to become distorted. While the back of the shirt is printed with the names of 59 Infobip’s offices and their well-known tagline - World's connected. The most interesting part of the hoodies are the badges that represent each country where Infobip has an office. Only two to three colors and simple lines were used in the design of the badges, and the biggest challenge was coming up with a symbol for a particular country. They wanted to enable people all over the world to collect and combine badges on their hoodies that would give them an extra dimension of uniqueness. Ivan and Joshua wanted to accentuate the internationality of the project, so the promo photoshoot was done in Korea; they arranged a famous stylist who worked on campaigns for Balenciaga and Chanel and two Korean influencers as models.


Our involvement in project

And then comes the part of the project where Blank’s team comes on the stage! We helped them in merging NFT technology with the hoodie and were in charge of setting up smart contracts for NFTs, a webshop for selling hoodies, and a web application for confirming NFTs.

Each hoodie has an NFC tag, which is verified by scanning and connected to the customer forever using NFT technology. The user can scan the NFC on the hoodie, which opens the website and allows him to connect his wallet to claim NFT.

The whole shopping process is very simple and intuitive. Every buyer of the Infobip Worldwide hoodie will be asked for their Polygon address prior to completing the purchase. Once they receive the hoodie, they will be able to claim their NFT by touching the NFC tag, which opens the option to add it to their digital wallet. There are no payments needed (also known as “gas fees”) for the owner of the hoodie, as Infobip’s backend service will create or „mint” the NFT for them. After adding it to the wallet, anyone can touch the NFC of the hoodie and automatically check the authenticity via OpenSea.


What's next?

This is just the beginning of a great collaboration; the plan is to create an entire fashion line that will be present in both, the physical and digital world. And while you're waiting for your virtual outfit, hurry to buy one of the most wanted fashion pieces these days! Good luck, there are only 300 pieces!

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