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Kitsumon: Online multiplayer NFT game & virtual world


Kitsumon is an online MOBA game and a virtual world. Read our case study to learn more about the Kitsumon website development.


  • UI Design
  • UX Design


  • Front-end development

What’s Kitsumon?

Kitsumon is an online NFT game with two main aspects, MOBA and professions. You play with Kitsu, adorable pets that you can collect, care for, and breed to generate new Hybrid Kitsu combinations.

Playing in MOBA mode means you can clash with other players in a multiplayer online battlefield arena for land acquisitions. On the other hand, you can take on professions such as farming, fishing, or crafting. For example, when your Kitsu becomes a farmer, you may grow vegetables and get rewards.

Furthermore, there’s a standalone NFT marketplace where players and traders can maximize their sale opportunities.

The game is not yet live, but it is set to launch for mobile and desktop devices.


Our role in development

In this project, we designed parts of the Kitsumon website, but our main task was frontend software development where we used Next.js and SCSS. Some of the most important parts of the project we tackled were the landing page, marketplace, breeding system, and a user dashboard that supports vesting, staking, and rewards. We will explain some of these parts of the project later on. We also built a user interface that interacts with the blockchain and developed user-friendly solutions for anyone that’s not yet familiar with Web3. The project is still under development. Currently, a few of the most important and complex tasks the Blank team is working on are the marketplace, guild system, and configurators.

Kitsumon marketplace: buy, sell & trade

Kitsumon has created its own standalone NFT marketplace where players and traders can buy and sell Kitsumon assets, from eggs and Kitsu to ingredients, items, and recipes. One of the first things players could buy were gen0 eggs, which eventually lay out one of the 20 different Kitsu pets.

The marketplace supports auctioning, too. For example, you can auction your Kitsu and let other players bid for them. Moreover, it can also be used for renting Kitsu to other players for breeding and winning battles.

To bid and buy, players use KMC tokens that they can stake and vest, and finally, gain rewards.


UX improvements and user-friendliness

The gaming community is such a rich and saturated space, and there are so many players around the globe that are enthusiastic about it but aren’t familiar with the concept of blockchain just yet.

One of our main concerns was creating a simple and seamless user experience for those with little to no knowledge about Web3. We have worked closely with the Kitsumon team to improve the website in many ways. For instance, we have added standard login and registration pages all internet users are familiar with, and the option to login through social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. We also introduced player profiles that allow you to track your and your friends’ progress, achievement, and guilds you’re a member of.

Another amazing example is gasless transactions, for which we will tackle the user interface. Users won’t even notice they’re using blockchain technology while completing their transactions!


Playing with friends: Kitsumon Guilds & Configurators

Since Kitsumon is a multiplayer game, we wanted to make sure you can wholly enjoy it with your friends. We have built a fully-fledged Guild system so you can create a Guild and invite other players to join it, too. Any player will be able to create and manage a Guild and use its assets. You can play together, exchange assets such as battle items, and get exciting rewards.

Battling wouldn’t be half as fun without equipping your Kitsu with different configurations of Crystals and Battle items that you’ve won along the way and showing it off to your friends. So, we have developed this cool feature that allows you to create different types of configurations and shows you how they buff and de-buff your Kitsu for epic battles. Best of all, you can save your build and use them again.


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