Web3 Internship: What’s it all about?

Our mission with Web3 Internship is to educate young Web3 enthusiasts stepping into the world of software development. Learn all about it!

For the third year in a row, Blank organized a summer internship. Over the years, the format’s changed, but our mission stayed the same: to educate young Web3 enthusiasts stepping into the world of software development.


What’s Web3 Internship, exactly?

While many IT companies organize summer internships, each is special in its own way. So here’s a little more about ours.

Blank’s Web3 Internship is a 2-month program where students get a unique opportunity to become a part of a professional team and work on a product that will go into production. Our interns are working on the Web3 frontend and getting familiar with smart contracts. A technology stack the interns are getting familiar with includes CSS, HTML, React and Solidity. Moreover, they are mastering Trello, an organization tool, and Figma, a web app that helps them collaborate with UI/UX designers.

During the course of two months, they are learning about blockchain technology with a hands-on approach by their mentors and frequent code reviews. One of the Web3 Internship mentors Kristina Ramljak says mentoring the interns is all about sharing her knowledge and helping interns in their professional development.

“We would thoroughly review their pull requests and leave feedback that helps them make progress. Working with the interns is an opportunity for mutual learning, which makes it immensely valuable for all.”

Working on our projects

This year, we changed the concept of our summer internship and immediately onboarded interns on a project our team’s working on, Mintdash, a no-code platform for launching and managing NFT projects. In the first few weeks, they were working on easier tasks such as fixing simple UI bugs, which allowed them to gain insight about the project. First, they had to master the workflow and how to approach tasks, from using the Trello board to solving the coding problem and creating pull requests.

As the internship progressed, they started taking on more responsibilities and more complex tasks, fixing more complex bugs, and building new features that included coding on the backend and frontend.

Of course, they are learning about teamwork and sharpening their soft skills along the way.

This was a valuable experience for the mentors, too, since they got to learn how to share their knowledge with those less experienced. Here’s what their mentor Danijel Radomiljac said:

“Mentoring was an excellent experience. I’ve learned a lot about patience and individual approach intern each intern has their rhythm of grasping and learning new concepts. It also reminded me of my professional growth and taught me how to look at things from a different perspective.”

Applications and selection process

Blank’s Web3 Internship is mainly for students. Since there is no defined age range, it doesn’t matter if you are in middle school or college, but you are expected to have some basic development skills. When submitting your application, you are welcome to send us your CV and portfolio of projects, for example, a GitHub account. This greatly helps us in the selection process. Then, we invite all prospective candidates for a quick interview in our office where we meet and get a better grasp on their development skills.

For the next two months, the selected interns are working part-time or 20 hours a week from our office in Split. To really learn and grow as developers, they have to be committed and make an effort by applying mentors’ feedback. Some of the interns from previous years were invited to continue working with us after the internship and are still part of the team.

One of this year’s interns, Antonio Vujičević, says that the internship offered him a remarkable experience, allowing him to sharpen his skills in both frontend and backend development.

“With a strong emphasis on technologies such as React, Next.js, Prisma, TypeScript, and a host of other cutting-edge tools, I gained invaluable insights and expertise in the world of modern web development. The mentorship and supportive atmosphere within the team made the journey even more enriching, as their guidance and passion created a truly inspiring learning environment.”

Apply for the next edition of Web3 Internship

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To learn more about Web3 Internship, you can visit this page.

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