A day in the life of a Product Owner in a digital agency


Welcome to another behind-the-scenes at Blank! The spotlight is on the dynamic role of a Product Owner through the lens of Nikolina, one of our talented team members. Check out her blog!

In this interview, Nikolina Lukač takes us through her day-to-day as a Product Owner in a digital agency, diving into her responsibilities, the essential skills required for success, and what keeps her motivated.

Blank is a digital agency that offers a wide range of services in any phase of the software development process. Join us as we chat with Nikolina to find out why the role of a Product Owner is pivotal to the success of every digital agency.

A short intro about the role

To kick off the interview and gain insight into Product Ownership, we asked Nikolina about the role and the skills she thinks are the most important for success.

What exactly is a Product Owner?

Nikolina: Product Owner is a role in Agile software development methodology, particularly in Scrum. It is a bridge between teamwork and customers needs. Product Owners prioritize features, gather feedback, and guide the development process to create something that customers love.


What skills does a Product Owner need?

Nikolina: First off, a good Product Owner has to be great at talking to people. Most Product Owners constantly communicate with their Scrum teams, Scrum masters and project stakeholders. They use verbal, nonverbal and written communication skills to create and convey product goals. Being able to communicate efficiently with all team members and having that problem-solving mindset is crucial. Along with communication, being confident is the key, as well as being organized and possessing attention to detail.

Furthermore, teamwork makes the dream work, so collaboration skills are a must. Product Owners work as a part of a team, which includes both developers and end-users. Having the ability to collaborate can help you effectively manage the product development cycle and ensure its timely completion. This skill can also help you to understand other team members, including their strengths and weaknesses, which can allow you to build strong working relationships with them. With collaboration, one essential skill that comes along is adaptability.


Time management is important as well. Time is limited and it is not about working more hours, but about prioritizing better and dedicating our efforts to what brings the greatest value.

And lastly, let's not forget leadership. The Product Owner brings vision to the team, mentors team members and negotiates the backlog so the team can reach goals. It's all about guiding the team toward success.

Working at a software development agency

In this part of the interview, we asked Nikolina about her beginning at Blank and how it all started, her team and the projects she is currently working on. She also shared some of her favourite projects so far.

Do you remember the first few weeks at Blank? How did you settle into your role?

Nikolina: The first couple of weeks flew by while I was getting to know my team on the project and the rest of my new colleagues at Blank. My focus was on analyzing the project documentation, communicating open questions and working on the project setup and roadmap.

What does your work day look like?

Nikolina: My work days are never the same, my schedule depends on the number of projects I have, the stage of development and the role of my company in the project. Usually, it is a combination of organizing meetings and workshops, gathering feedback and requirements, refining and prioritizing work for the team, monitoring progress and quality control, planning and managing deliverables.

What projects are you working on?

Nikolina: Currently I am working on a few projects including the AI Marketplace, GPU Rental and Staking and Vesting portal, all of them are Blockchain based projects. My favourite project so far, which I enjoyed working on, is definitely the AI Marketplace.

What's your team like?

Nikolina: A great team is one of the most important factors for every project's success. I can proudly say that my team is smart, capable, creative, easy going and extremely collaborative. Every member of the team is giving their best, to build amazing projects.


How busy are you? How often do you have meetings?

Nikolina: Again depends on the number of projects and their stage, but usually a lot since there is a lot of communication, coordination and planning involved with the team and the stakeholders. That means from half an hour to 5 hours a day.

What motivates you?

Nikolina: What motivates me the most is my willingness to grow and advance in my career. That mindset is what makes me always strive for doing the best I can, in everything I do.


What do you like the most about your job?

Nikolina: I like the dynamic, contact with people, constant learning and adapting, being a part of great projects that are making a difference.

Motivation and advice for Product Owners

Finally, to wrap up, here’s her advice for anyone who’s starting their career as a Product Owner. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been working and the projects you’ve had, we believe everyone could use it sometimes.

What advice would you give someone starting your role?

Nikolina: It is ok not to know everything, believe in yourself and be proactive and you will get where you want to be.

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