Future Talks: How Blockchain and Web3 Are Changing the Game


Reflecting on the recent Web3 workshops, a collaboration with Digital Dalmatia and BlockSplit, led by our Software Engineer, Marko Perajica. Marko shared his insights on the importance of these workshops, not just for himself but also for the community.

Participation in the workshops dedicated to blockchain and Web3 represented a valuable educational opportunity, both for me in the role of lecturer, and for all participants. Although at first it may seem that these topics are complex and unattainable, they are actually extremely relevant and have a significant impact on our professional and personal everyday life. During the workshops, we successfully demystified these concepts and made them more accessible to a wider audience, with a focus on facilitating understanding of how these technologies can be applied in different contexts.


First Hand: What We Learned

During the workshops, the emphasis was on practical experience and sharing of ideas. We have chosen an approach that avoids getting too bogged down in the complexities of technical details, focusing instead on understanding how blockchain technology can contribute to greater security and fairness on the Internet. In the learning process, we adopted the skills of writing smart contracts according to the latest professional standards, as well as their testing. Participants gained comprehensive insights into the development and testing of ERC20 and ERC721 tokens, along with understanding the marketplace dynamics for unique digital assets. Additionally, the focus on smart contract security showed best practices and common vulnerabilities, with practical experience in securing contracts and understanding staking mechanisms.


Why It's Important to Be Involved

One of the most exciting things I noticed at the workshops was the high interest of young people. It was inspiring to see how ambitious and eager the young people are to learn. They want to understand how technology works and how they can use it in a positive way in different aspects of life. This shows that young people are not only interested in new technologies, but are also ready to be part of this change.

How Blockchain and Web3 Are Changing Things

Speaking in plain language, blockchain helps us make the things we do online safer and more transparent. It is like when we write important notes in a book that everyone can see, but no one can erase or change what is written. On the other hand, Web3 makes the Internet smarter and gives us more power over our digital lives.


Look in the future

The workshops revealed a significant interest of young people in learning about blockchain and Web3 technologies. They showed great curiosity and willingness to participate, which suggests that we are on the right track. As we continue to progress in the development and research of these technologies, it is important to continue with education and communication so that everyone can take advantage of the benefits that these changes bring.


Conducting these workshops went beyond the conventional approach to lecturing about technology, turning it into an experience that highlighted the importance of collaboration, openness to learning, and the need for continuing education. We look towards the future of blockchain and Web3 technologies with optimism, driven by young people who are ready to explore new horizons and implement innovations.

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