Inspiring career in Web3: Meet Malak Albaw


Introducing Malak Albaw! Our Business Development Manager shared her inspiring career journey in the Web3 world, how she raised over 5 million in funds, and her plans for the future. Read the full interview here!

Every great digital agency needs a great team! Recently, Malak became a great new addition to the Blank team, as a Business Development Manager. Malak is representing us at various conferences and events all over the globe, and connecting us with Web3 startups on the lookout for an experienced development team.

With her expertise and passion for the Web3 world, she is contributing to Blank's growth by identifying and engaging with potential clients. We recently had a chat with Malak, and learned more about her inspiring career journey, and her plans for the future! Let's dive in!

Q1: Walk us through your career journey, from your graduation at Università Ca' Foscari Venezia to your current role. What motivated your career choices along the way?

Malak: At the age of 17, I embarked on a journey to study abroad in Italy, opting for a degree in economics and finance at Università Ca' Foscari Venezia. However, as time progressed, my interest in finance waned, leading me to explore alternative paths. In my second year, I made a pivotal transition into creative marketing, collaborating with the international office to attract prospects through Q&A sessions, live Instagram events, and in-person gatherings. Serving as an ambassador for international prospects for a year, I honed skills in engagement and connection-building, discovering my passion for creative fields. Seeking new challenges, I ventured into a SaaS company in logistics as a marketing trainee.


Driven by a desire for unconventional fields, I connected with Andrea Baldereschi, a serial entrepreneur in Torino. Throughout this entire journey, being the only woman in the room in the Italian companies I worked at often motivated me to showcase my abilities and advocate for women in tech.

Q2: What ignited your passion for Web3?

Malak: My passion for Web3 is rooted in its commitment to decentralization and fairness, aligning seamlessly with Gavin Wood's perspective. It champions community empowerment over traditional middlemen, reshaping the world by decentralizing structures and prioritizing community-centric approaches in software development and startups.

Q3: Raising over $5M for projects is a significant accomplishment. What strategies have you found most effective in securing funds for startups, and how do you adapt these strategies to different project needs?

Malak: Effective fundraising, as I've learned, demands meticulous planning with a focus on community building over 3 to 5 months. Whether dealing with AR software or IoT devices, tailoring ad messaging proves crucial.

Q4: How did you partner up with Blank, tell us a little bit about how it started.

Malak: My journey with Blank commenced through the accelerator fund program. After meeting Nebojša, the co-founder and CEO, I started to represent Blank at conferences and various Web3 events all over the world. My main role is to engage with potential clients on the lookout for an experienced development team and connect them to Blank.

Q5: As a Business Development Manager at Blank, how do you identify and approach potential clients, especially in the dynamic field of web3 development?

Malak: Identifying clients in Web3 involves understanding their stage—whether they're building an MVP, expanding a team, or fundraising. Blank, as a digital agency, addresses challenges like reducing engineering costs.

Q6: Hosting "Web3 Vibes" must provide unique insights. What inspired you to start the podcast, and what key learnings have you gathered from your discussions?

Malak: The inception of "Web3 Vibes" finds its roots in a desire to share insights from the thriving Web3 community. This interview series serves as a platform where I engage in conversations with top leaders in the Web3 space. Here, I delve into their experiences, exploring the impact and transformative changes they are driving in the realm of Web3. These discussions highlight the forefront of innovation and shed light on the evolving landscape of decentralized technologies.


Q7: What are your long-term career goals, and how do you see yourself contributing to the growth and success of Blank in the coming years?

Malak: Looking forward, my career goal involves contributing to Blank's growth by identifying and engaging with prospects and actively building effective solutions using blockchain tech. I envision myself playing a crucial role in expanding Blank's global presence by building relationships with international clients and enhancing connections within the emerging Web3 landscape.

Q8: Can you share some advice for someone who's starting a career in business development, in Web3?

Malak: For those venturing into Web3 business development, my advice remains consistent: conduct thorough research, stay humble, and learn from others. The early stages of Web3 offer a wealth of opportunities for both professional and personal growth.

Q9: You recently visited our office in Split for the first time. How did you like the office vibes? What is the most memorable part of your visit?

Malak: Visiting the team in Split was truly delightful. I had the pleasure of meeting the full-stack developers, the brilliant minds behind all our crypto projects, as well as the creative team. It was particularly inspiring to witness the strong empowerment of women in the office—a refreshing change from the male-dominated tech space often encountered at Web3 conferences.

This visit surpassed my expectations, and I was especially enamored with the crypto-themed meeting rooms; the Bitcoin room became an instant favourite of mine. I look forward to returning to Split and reconnecting with the innovative team, as the energetic atmosphere of the office left a lasting impression on me and I’m quite excited about the projects that the Blank team is working on - we’re going bullish this year - to the moon!


Talk Business with Malak

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