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We interviewed Stipan Elez from Nutrivision, one of the Blank Web3 Development Fund winners that aims to revolutionize health platforms with the power of Web3. Read the full interview here!

Blank is a software development agency with rich experience in developing digital products, with quite a few projects in the Web3 domain. Our collaborations and partnerships with brands, companies, and individuals from Web3 inspired us to help Web3 startups with their ideas and offer them funding in the form of development credits. That’s why we launched the Blank Web3 Development Fund!

We’ve already announced the first winner Polyflow that was picked by the jury committee during the BlockSplit conference where we participated as a Startup Stage Sponsor. After the launch, we opened the applications to the public and spent weeks interviewing the best applicants. Our judges have chosen 2 more projects to fund, and one of them is Nutrivision.

We interviewed Stipan Elez, one of the project founders, to help us share their story with you. Let’s dive into this project!

About Nutrivision

To give you a proper introduction to this interview, we first asked Stipan to introduce Nutrivision and share the core idea behind it. We were curious about what inspired them to apply for the Blank Web3 Development Fund and the stage of development they’re in. To end the chapter about their project, he discussed what problems they solve and how they plan to make an impact in the Web3 space.

Q1: Can you provide us with an overview of Nutrivison and the core idea behind your project?

Stipan: Nutrivision is a nutrition center that offers a diverse range of nutritional services to improve the human diet. Optimization of health, promotion of longevity, achieving the desired body mass, and improving sports performance are just some of the outcomes individuals can expect while collaborating with us. Our work methodology does not only include strict diet plans, moreover, most of our collaborations are educational programs and flexible diet plans that teach our clients not only what to eat, but also how to eat while developing a long-term sustainable diet pattern that helps them achieve their goals and change their life for the better.

HealthUpp by Nutrivision NFT platform is a set of applications with the aim of developing awareness about the importance of nutrition, providing education about food and an active lifestyle, providing skills for creating nutrition programs, training programs, and cutting-edge tools for working with clients who want to improve their health.

It transforms classic diet plans, training programs, supplementation protocols, and even membership fees and online education in the form of NFTs.


Q2: What motivated you to apply for the Blank Web3 Development Fund?

Stipan: We applied for the Blank Web3 Development Fund because we are deeply passionate about revolutionizing the way people perceive and interact with nutrition, fitness, and overall well-being. We consider Blank as the proven expert whose services can help us achieve our specific goals.

Through the Blank Web3 Development Fund, we see an invaluable opportunity to accelerate the development of our platform and enter the Web3 space. This fund represents more than just financial support to us, it signifies a collaborative effort to push the boundaries of what health platforms and the Web3 industry can achieve.

Q3: What stage of development is your project currently in, and what milestones have you achieved so far?

Stipan: We are a team of nutritionists who already have many users. In addition to athletes, business people, and recreational people, we also cooperate with successful fitness trainers so that our client base is growing every day. During our work, we encountered various sports and nutritional applications in which we saw many shortcomings. Along with our knowledge, it helped us a lot to define our ideas more clearly.

The knowledge about blockchain and the involvement of the team members in the Web3 community were significant for the implementation of the project until the moment of cooperation with Blank. The next step is the creation of the platform and various applications according to the roadmap. We have a lot of work ahead of us, but we are looking forward to the challenges ahead.

Q4: What specific problem or need does your project address in the Web3 space?

Stipan: The Web3 space is still relatively small, but it is growing rapidly. We are not only talking about the specific problems that we want to solve but also about the gaps and needs that we want to fill with this platform. In a time of fast-paced lifestyle and increasing number of obesity problems, this platform offers everything in one place in a few clicks.

Our platform brings Web3 closer to a wide circle of people in a simple and easy way. Our goal is to increase people's interest, to show people that it is not a scam and that you can buy "real" things with crypto. Blockchain offers us payment simplification, transparency, fairness, no payment delays, and protection against payment and membership abuse.

Q5: How do you envision your project making an impact or contributing to the Web3 ecosystem?

Stipan: Many things related to crypto, blockchain, and Web3 are having trouble gaining traction and users, and there are many reasons for that. Although the interest in web3 technology is increasing, the current economic situation in the world has a strong influence on the public. The complexity of web3 is far greater than classic applications and what ordinary people are used to. Many security and regulatory issues still await more clearly defined rules and responsibilities.

Our opinion is that this platform will have a great impact on a wide range of people. We bring all our clients to the platform, and the quality of the tools we offer will attract other colleagues from the sports and nutrition sector to offer their services through the platform.

There is also the aspect of supplements, food, and membership fees for gyms, we aim at a very large number of people, of various professions. It is very important to note that many efforts are aimed at simplifying processes, improving user experience, and showing that Web3 is the real world in which we live. About Web3 startups

After we were given an in-depth insight into Nutrivision, what they’ve achieved so far, and what they plan to do next, we asked Stipan his thoughts and opinions on Web3 startups and what he considers essential to succeed and make an impact. Finally, we closed the interview by asking him to share advice for anyone who plans to apply to Blank Web3 Development Fund in future phases of the Program.

Q6: In your opinion, what are the most essential elements for success for new start-ups?

Stipan: Everything starts from an idea that should be feasible and marketable. A startup should have an original and innovative idea, but it is even more important that it solves a real problem or need on the market and has the potential for growth. The startup should have a clearly defined target market, know who their users are and their needs, and adapt the service according to those needs.

A very important thing is a capable and focused team because it is the team that solves problems. Many times, I was convinced that ideas on the edge of feasibility succeeded because of the ability and commitment of the team, and great ideas failed because of the shortcomings of the team.

Q7: According to you, what type of projects have the greatest potential to grow and become industry disruptors?

Stipan: It is very important for the project that it has a real use case, that the end user wants to use the project product, and that the user experience is on level. Projects that meet current market needs will be profitable, but this does not mean that they will succeed in the long term, therefore the important thing is that every project has space for adaptation and progress. The needs that are relevant today may be minor in a few years.

In my opinion, the big challenge of the entire web3 industry is how to approach a user who does not have certain technical knowledge.

Many teams and companies are working on very innovative technologies that bring significant improvements and a great opportunity for growth, and here I would highlight zero knowledge technology above all.

I believe that, as before, the industry disruptors will be mostly "strange and wondrous" individuals who see the world from a different perspective, defy established patterns of action, and offer solutions for which the community is not ready, and the preconditions themselves are not met yet.

Q8: What advice can you give to future applicants for the Blank Web3 Development Fund?

Stipan: The process we followed when we applied was the basic idea, market research, and use case.

After that, a good preparation and way of pitching the idea is very important, to present your thoughts to the Blank Web3 Development Fund judges as simply as possible.

It is always good to give specific examples and make an effort to ensure that all participants are on the same page.

And finally, you should hope for positive feedback :)

What’s next?

We’re currently working with the selected teams and developing their projects. We will keep sharing the progress and important announcements with you. Did this interview inspire you to apply to the future phases of the Blank Web3 Development Fund? Currently, the applications are not open, but you can follow our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, and get notified when we start the second phase of the Program. In the meantime, learn more about the Program on our website.

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